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Howdy, I am Michael D. Klanke and I am the inventor of KoolerDawg. I came up with the idea of KoolerDawg while out with friends on a hunting trip, We were walking through the rough back country of Texas, enjoying Gods Beauty. It was the hottest time of the year, summer. I was constantly making sure my bird dog Hunter was staying hydrated, I kept on pouring water for him in my hand for him to drink, or directly into his mouth. While on our walk through the Permian Basin, Hunter stumbled across a very large rock that had pockets of water within the crevices. With it being so hot outside Hunter of course started drinking the water. I couldn’t get that picture out of my head.

I realized upon returning home, my family and I always seemed to be on the move a lot! Whether it be to soccer games, camping trips, hunting or driving to visit family and Hunter being apart of our family always joined in on our adventures. We were constantly packing coolers with snacks and drinks, and making sure we had water bowls for Hunter to drink.
While unpacking from my trip to the Permian Basin I started draining the coolers, then it hit me. The cooler was a huge water resource, but the question was how can I utilize that water from the melted ice and how can I keep it from spilling over in my car when on the move?!
Being an engineer for many years I designed and invented KOOLERDAWG. KoolerDawg attaches to the drain of a cooler allowing on demand pet hydration, whether in the car traveling, at the park playing or hunting KoolerDawg can be used!


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KoolerDawg attaches to a cooler drain for on-demand pet hydration.  It can be sold at adoption events, on your website and through our affiliate program.  Each set of drinking devices comes attractively packaged encouraging conversation about the importance of pet care and point-of-sale purchases.  Download our ‘Importance of Dog Hydration’ flyer, insert your group’s contact information and hand it out to prospective buyers for additional sales and referral.

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