Product Questions:

Will my KoolerDawg fit on any size or type of cooler?

KoolerDawg was originally designed for two sizes of IGLOO coolers.  Larger coolers have a hose bib connection to easily drain the water out of them due to their weight when full and smaller coolers a cap type connection which is standard on many models.  There are two sizes of drinking devices in each package — use the large size for the hose bib connection drain type and the smaller one for all others.


Can it be used in the winter?

While dog hydration is equally important in cold weather certain parts of the unit may lock up as the temperature approaches freezing. We recommend using it in the winter only in areas that do not have extended periods of near 32° Fahrenheit weather.


Are replacement parts available?

Yes. We do. You can buy available parts under Parts Section


Is it safe for my dog to drink from?

Yes.  The KoolerDawg device is made from the same material used for surgical implant devices.


Where is it made?

KoolerDawg is a 100% made in the USA product.



Program Questions:

Do we have to be a 501(c)(3) to sell KoolerDawg?

No.  As long as you are a Rescue Group we are pleased to have you as part of our team, under a different program.


Do we have to charge $19.95?

No. While we’d like to see the prices kept stable so that each group earns a maximum profit you are welcome to establish your own selling price.


Do we have to pay sales tax on our purchase?

If you are in the State of Texas, complete and submit this form we will not charge sales tax. If you do not send us this form, all Texas purchases are taxable.  Shipments out of the state are not.


Why do we have to fill out an application?

We’re asking for an application so that we can verify you are a Rescue Group who will be selling KoolerDawg for fundraising purposes.  We’ve created this platform to assist those who are in the business of helping animals.  While there may be other wonderful people who would also like to sell KoolerDawg our focus is on serving the Rescue Group community at this time.


Can we sell these on our Rescue Group website too?

You bet!


How long until our order is shipped?

We process orders Monday through Thursday and they usually go out the next day.


Why do we have to buy 5 at a time?

We’ve standardized the shipping process and boxes at 5 packages per order to keep expenses down which allows us to offer Rescue Groups the best purchase price.


Do you have free shipping?

We have something better!  When you place your order for 5 KoolerDawg’s we send you 6.  Sell the 6th one at your full retail price and you’ve paid for your shipping with a little left over for a human treat.